J&B’s Christmas campaign in support of trans people goes viral on networks


The J&B whiskey brand launched a Christmas advertisement a few days ago that has not taken long to arouse the interest of users, especially on Twitter platforms. Titled “She” , the action illustrates the reality of “Christmas homosexuality” , a reality suffered by the LGTBIQ+ community who feel rejected even by their own environment. The piece, created by the El Ruso de Rocky agency and directed by Gabe Ibáñez , has not taken long to go viral on social networks. Its emotional message and its background have caused it, in just a few hours, to generate hundreds of reactions from Internet users. On his Twitter profile, he has already received more than 4,000 likes and more than a thousand retweets and the video uploaded to YouTube has already accumulated more than 3,000 likes.

Most users have applauded the brand's bravery

With its “risky” and “emotional campaign.” “What a wonderful ad,” says one user about J&B’s decision to show this reality. Another industry email list supports on Twitter: «Really bravo, beautiful campaign. “I’ve been crying for a while.” «This ad shows that advertising can be done with respect, sensitivity and significance. The best this Christmas. THANK YOU,” another profile points out directly to J&B. «Congratulations on your campaign. “It is sensitive, brave and contributes to breaking taboos and normalizing situations that cause suffering,” concludes another. “Emotional, brave and beautiful” or “one of the most beautiful ads I have seen in a long time” are some of the many messages that the campaign has received.

Criticism of the brand

However, not everything has been praise as there are also those who have criticized J&B’s “opportunism” (taking advantage BTC Database EU of the Christmas season to publish the advertisement) or have lamented the ” misogynistic ” message. “It’s probably your most counterproductive ad,” says a profile on Twitter. “Makeup and sexist stereotypes do not change anyone’s sex. Homophobes!”, one user reacted. It is the way in which we wanted to capture the complicity and empathy of the grandfather with his granddaughter and his personal effort so that he can celebrate Christmas by showing himself as he is before his family. He has also said: «We want no one to be left on the margins of society. 

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