Why it is important to use LinkedIn in your content marketing strategy


LinkedIn is a social network in which a content marketing strategy can be carry out when the objective is. Beyond creating business networks and looking for work, positioning itself as a benchmark within the sector and attracting a professional audience. Which would increase the relevance of the messages . It is also important to note that through the content you can generate leads and establish connections with potential customers. Collaborators and other people who can, among other things, bring benefits to the brand. In other words. Through the content you can increase visibility and reach people with whom it is possible to open new business opportunities .

Through the content you can also generate interaction

and participation, since LinkedIn is an interactive social media that allows users to comment, react and share content .

LinkedIn also offers the possibility of increasing your reach through sponsored or paid content, which makes Australia WhatsApp Number Data it possible to reach a much broader and also segmented audience. The latter means that it will be possible to specify to whom to show that content taking into account the sector to which it belongs, the location, the position, their studies or other characteristics .

And finally, another reason why using LinkedIn is a good idea is because it allows you to keep up with what the competition is doing and differentiate yourself from it , especially if you are not present within this social media, something much more common than you might think. seems.

What content to post on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is different from Instagram, Facebook and any of the other social networks. Since it is design to connect professionals and companies from all over the world. This means that the marketing plan cannot be the same in all social networks .

On LinkedIn you can publish textual content in which you talk about a professional experience that has led to. A change and you can share advice or opinions on a topic that is related in some way to what the company does . Even longer article type texts with original, useful and interesting information can be publish. However, avoid talking about very personal things or posting excessively about products or services that are offer. As it could give the impression that you are spamming.

Although LinkedIn allows you to post photos

it is not a social network designed for this as Instagram or Facebook would be. Despite this, it may be a good idea BTC Database EU to publish images that can complement a text or offer more information about the content that is being displayed .

Links can also be published, when the objective is to generate web traffic; or documents with much more detailed information on a topic. content marketing strategy

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