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All the people without Linkin Basic Account Plan Here is what is includ in the linkin basic account plan: Build your Linkin profile and publish content Expand your network by sending connection requests Use the search engine to find profiles You can also use linkin boolean search on the free search engine to build a target lead and candidate lists. Linkin Free Account Limitations There are some limitations of having free Linkin membership: The search results limitation The commercial use limit No access to nd & rd degree connections No access to profile visitors.

The search results limitation

The search results of the linkin free search seo expate bd engine are compos of pages of results. linkin free account It means you can only see the first results of your searches. You can get access to the rest. . The commercial use limit The most annoying thing for free linkin users is the commercial use limit: It means that if Linkin detects you are intensively using the free search engine to generate leads or find candidates, they will block your access. linkin commercial use limit You won’t be able to use the search engine anymore and you will ne to wait until the end of the month to use it again.

These limitations can be

Lift by the following linkin premium plans. . No BTC Database EU access to nd & rd degree connections With linkin free accounts, you don’t get inmails crits. It means you are forc to send connection requests if you want to contact people out of your network. linkin free account limit Given that % of connection request get accept on average, it really compromises your linkin prospecting capacity and your ability to expand your professional network.. No access to profile visitors With the free version of Linkin, you can’t access your profile views. who view your profile linkin premium feature You miss a source of qualifi leads or potentially.

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