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A company’s reputation is. Ru Group service Yule and is planning. A number of new experiments that will help make the direction separate within the social network. Placing posts about selling goods or services will be free. Who benefits from using it? Small businesses and local communities. What to advertise? Goods or services. Look alike targeting. This is advance targeting , which is bas on the behavior patterns of users who have achieve specific goals on a website or application. Using this tool, advertisers can find users similar to existing clients bas on specific characteristics.

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In other words , now you can show advertising posts not only. To photo editing servies your existing clients , but also to those who are potentially similar to them. You can specify the accuracy of the hit , but it is worth remembering that. The greater the accuracy , the less coverage. To use this targeting, you must have an initial audience of at least users. Who benefits from using it? Community administrators to attract potentially target subscribers. E commerce representatives who want to increase sales. What to advertise? Promotions , products , communities. New advertising options on YouTube.

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Carousel advertising of goods. As part of the experiment. In BTC Database EU the desktop version of the service, instead of the usual advertisements to the right of the video, some users will now be shown a carousel of four product cards directly below the video. This is an opportunity for advertisers to demonstrate more features of one product/service or show several products or services in one ad. Who benefits from using it? Advertisers who seek to increase the effectiveness of advertising on social networks. What to advertise? This is an opportunity to show more information about.

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