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Report accuracy The latest jobs in martech Real Story Group launches free martech assessment tool About the author Constantine von Hoffman Constantine von Hoffman Constantine von Hoffman is managing editor of MarTech. A veteran journalist, Con has covered business, finance, marketing and tech for, Brandweek, CMO, and Inc. He has been city editor of the Boston Herald, news producer at NPR, and has written for Harvard Business Review, Boston Magazine, Sierra, and many other publications. He has also

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Stand-up comedian, given talks at anime and gaming conventions on everything from My Neighbor Totoro to the history of dice and boardgames, and is author of the magical realist novel John Henry the Revelator. He lives in  business email list Boston with his wife, Jennifer, and either too many or too few dogs. Related topics Social media marketing Get the daily newsletter digital marketers rely on. Business email address Get MarTech in your

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